Creating value adding strategies, processes and solutions are the primary goals of our applied leadership development programmes.

Our leadership development programmes are designed to facilitate motivational and innovative distributed leadership.

Distributed leadership involves allocating leadership authority to where the expertise, capability and motivation are located within an organisation. A distributed leadership organisational structure is less top down with a centre that guides and is guided by leaders working at the edges who are engaged in strategic decision making and developing adaptive responses to emergent challenges and opportunities.

The centre is ultimately accountable for setting strategic direction; enabling optimal organisational performance and corporate governance.

Leaders working within a distributed leadership climate are motivated by an agreed shared purpose; having collective leadership responsibility and the autonomy to make "local" decisions.

A distributed and diverse community of leaders will enhance creativity and innovation.

Our series of motivational and innovative leadership development programmes include:

Leading, Engaging and Performing (LEAP) for senior and existing leaders

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Leading an Innovation Project

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Leading HR Business Partnership Programme

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Workplace Coaching Award

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Client organisations have also the option of combining some or all of these programmes within one organisational learning and development intervention to support the development of a distributed leadership and learning organisation culture.