Leadership Coaching

Carol Cochrane is certified in the Analytic-Network (A-N) Coaching System developed by Simon Western to guide coaches and leaders towards a new form of leadership and networked ways of working. http://www.analyticnetwork.com

The A-N Coaching System has five inter-dependent and connected analytic frames i.e., depth, relational, leadership, network and strategic analysis with the leader using the learning from working through these frames to inform their emergent personal and organisational strategic decisions.

A primary aim of this coaching process is to enable the client to develop deeper insights into their relationships with peers; team dynamics; leadership capabilities; organisational culture and how they may influence or be influenced by, their networks.

Developing Workplace Coaches and Mentors

A learning organisation requires workplace coaches and mentors to facilitate the personal growth and optimal performance of their colleagues.

Workplace coaching and mentoring are integral elements within our Leading HR Business Partners programme.

We also provide programmes to develop the capability of workplace coaches (line managers and experienced colleagues with the essential scope and capacity) to facilitate effective 1-1 and/or Team Coaching.

Our workplace coach development programmes offer participants the option of an ILM Level 3 Workplace Coaching Award accreditation.